tragedy to triumph

tragedy to triumph


Nationally recognized motivational and information speaker, Odell Cleveland is known for speaking the truth even when that truth hurts.


Odell’s books hit the minds and hearts of many people of all cultures. Each book highlights his journey from tragedy to triumph. 


Odell is a successful business-man, that hosts multiple podcasts and television shows. You can catch him on national and local broadcasts. 

My Story

Reverend Odell Cleveland is an author who focuses his work on both the reader’s head and the reader’s heart. The four books he has authored or co-authored reflect chapters in his life that reveal lessons relevant to individuals and communities struggling to address social issues.

Each book draws upon his journey from tragedy to triumph through the power of faith and hard work. The foundational source of Odell’s work is his divorced single mother who suffered a massive stroke at the age of 25, yet walked three miles with a wooden cane in her right hand and a long metal brace strapped to her left leg to make sure Odell was not forced into a special-education class.


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Born to be a Coach
It's My Turn Now
It's My Turn Now Workbook
The Fighting Marine



Woven throughout his work is Odell’s passion for creating common ground. His decades of experience in business and nonprofit agency leadership, as well as expertise related to addressing tough societal issues, provides him with a unique prospective to strive for mutual understanding, always focusing on positive outcomes.

In addition to his many interests, Odell is responsible for the day-to-day management of the 7,000-membership at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Greensboro, North Carolina and president of Cal Tee Solutions LLC, which for the past decade has served as a conduit for business solutions to social ills. He is a frequent keynote speaker at faith-based and community workshops and conferences. Community and political leaders regularly seek his advice.


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